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Illawarra Gluten Free - Dining out - Lee and Me

10:12 PM Posted by Vanessa Pike-Russell

Vanessa Pike-Russell Photography

I have been hearing rave reviews about Lee and Me Cafe in Lower Crown St. Mall and today I finally got the chance to visit. It is located in the building that also houses Educated Palate which has downsized, now located on Townhall Place with the entry to Lee and Me on Crown Street opposite The Glasshouse Tavern.

I had just finished a photoshoot and was in need of a sugar fix to recharge the batteries when I arrived at Lee and Me. I made my way to the gluten-free baked goods I had been hearing about. After a few moments I settled on a flourless Lindt chocolate cake with a tantalising crust giving way to a mousse texture to one amazing cake. Such a sinfully delicious taste with a dollop of cream and with a refreshing Iced Coffee for that afternoon pick-me-up.

Illawarra Food Reviews: Lee and Me - Flourless Lindt Chocolate Cake by you.

The Iced Coffee was amazing! I was very impressed when I could taste the distinctive flavour of the espresso shot ofcoffee. Most Iced Coffees I have tried are fairly bland. I find that the ice cream and sugar often overpowers the coffee flavour. Not at Lee and Me. The Campos Coffee they use has a very nice flavour and was perfectly matched with the white chocolate icecream which helped to cool me down on a warm Autumn day. I know that I will enjoy a Cappuccino on my next visit.

It was great to sit and unwind with some amazing cake and enjoy some easy listening music and watch the people walking by. It was my first visit but I am certain to be back again soon. I also discovered that they offer Gluten-Free bread alternatives for sandwhiches and rolls. They have an amazing breakfast menu and lunch menu, both which feature some of my favourite foods including slow roasted pork belly, ricotta, chipolatas and the breakfast menu runs until the store closes at 5pm. Perfect for those who like a late breakfast like I do.

Lee and Me,
Cafe, Fashion and Lifestyle
75 Crown St Wollongong
NSW 2500 Australia

Please ask the staff if you have dietary requirements and they will do their best to accommodate your needs. 10% surcharge on public holidays. No smoking. BYO wine only with corkage at $2.50 per person. Cakeage $1.0 per person. There is a toilet upstairs in the boutique which carries the latest fashions including the very popular Nudie jeans.

Make sure to check their blog for special offers and new products. If you are an artist Lee and Me are offering $250 in summer threads, looking for the best photos to launch their look for summer10. For more information visit their blog entry dated August 18th, 2009 for details.

Lee and Me
Cafe, Fashion and Lifestyle

opening hours - weekdays 7am - 5pm
weekends 8am - 4pm

87 Crown Street Wollongong 2500

phone: 02 42440695
email: leeandme[at]
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