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Agave Syrup

2:50 AM Posted by Vanessa Pike-Russell
During my research for gluten free biscuits I came across a new ingredient which is perfect for people who are diabetic or on a low carb diet. I was lucky enough to try some Agave syrup over last weekend when Michael, Adrian and Siobhan visited and we baked some gluten-free muffins and enjoyed buckwheat pancakes with agave syrup. Yumm!

Agave Syrup has been used by ancient cultures in central Mexico for thousands of years. This high-fructuose natural syrup is obtained from the sap in the hearts (piƱas) of the agave or maguey (pronounced 'mah-gay') plant. The Agave plant shares a common habitat with many cacti, but it is not one itself. A natural plant fructose sweetener lower in calories than sugar or honey but 1.4 times sweeter. There are several brands in Australia including Natures Goodness (pictured). A wonderful sugar substitute that is low GI (GI count of 11)

Brands available in Australia are:

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